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Businesses advancing SDGs

We believe businesses and companies have a responsibility to contribute in solving many of the world's biggest problems, from waste management, migration issues, unchecked urbanisation, depletion of forest covers, water scarcity and many more. Nothing excites us more than collaborating with traditional businesses or startups for building a more sustainable future. Leveraging principles of destination and tourism product development, we help develop strategies that are fit-for-future and positioned to tackle wicked problems presently staring at our world.

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Labour Camp Strategy Pivot

Project Oasis is the codename of an ambitious and pioneering initiative of a UAE-based developer and operator of blue collar accommodations. Eschewing the traditional labour camp concept for a humane and progressive take on blue collar accommodation, RoadsWellTraveled developed a suite of recommendations covering infrastructure as well as program and policy changes. We also conducted primary and secondary research to gain insights into the market and competition, as well as residents' satisfaction, needs and aspirations, in order to strengthen recommendations. 

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