What not to do in… New York

I have been traveling together for over 5 years now, and for most of our lives on our own. While we’ve been traveling for RoadsWellTraveled in the recent past and spending most of our time with artisans, we do let ourselves loose once in a while and explore our destinations as simple, curious travelers. Over the years, we’ve accumulated some travel wisdom which we wish we had when we started out. There’s only so much travel guides can tell you. The rest of it we’ve learnt, comes with experience. So if you can visit a place only once in your life, wouldn’t you want to do it right? While we think the best way to travel is to go with the flow when on the road, here is a series on what not to do on the road to make sure there are fewer regrets! What not to do in New York… Spend all your time at Times Square, Central Park and the Museums. The bustling city of New York presents so many off-the-beaten path opportunities for those who dare to explore. From the daily free tour of the New York City Public Library to secret, hidden underground infrastructure, there is plenty in New York for the adventurous urban explorer. Our tips: Hang around the subway tracks of the Grand Central, do the NYPL tours or hop onto the 6 train for a ride to the now-closed City Hall station!

Underground, hidden new York

The Map Room at the NYPL

The NYPL Lion in Lego

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