RoadsWellTraveled in the Hundert magazine!

RoadsWellTraveled featured in the Hundert Magazine- Connecting the dots of the Berlin startup ecosystem

I don’t quite remember when I first saw the Hundert but I have a clear, vivid memory of the second time I laid my hands on it. Sebastian and I had just settled into the plush grey sofas at Early Bird Venture Capital‘s new office in Berlin’s Hackescher Markt. I remember we were talking about the elaborate graffiti we had just seen outside and how that lent to this certain aesthetic that only Berlin has, and I am such a big fan of. The Hundert magazine at hand was just the evidence to prove my point to Sebastian. That unique Berlin aesthetic comes through beautifully in this magazine and that’s why I have been a fan of this magazine that covers every nook and cranny of the Berlin startup ecosystem.

So when Jan from the Hundert reached out to me to feature me in their next issue, I was thrilled! The Hundert’s third issue is called “Connecting the dots of the Berlin Startup Ecosystem”. The brief that was sent to me described the inspiration behind as:

” “the Hundert – Connecting the Dots of the Berlin Startup Ecosystem“… will introduce 100 top international entrepreneurs, managers and investors that came to Berlin to start a company, work in a high-level position or have an expert view on the Berlin Startup Ecosystem. “Connecting the dots…” is based on a quote of Steve Jobs – that´s why we will not only present the entrepreneurs and their companies, but furthermore ask everyone for their most important tips for founders coming to Berlin. So it´s also an entrepreneurial guide full of experiences.”

The feature included a brief interview, and a photoshoot. It was an extremely well-organised process, and I was certain that the photoshoot would ensure that very aesthetic that had me impressed with the Hundert the first time. I was asked to bring some props along that either represented RoadsWellTraveled or my nationality. I ran a few ideas by with the Hundert team and took along a few scarves from RoadsWellTraveled’s Vanga collection, a Sesath and the Queen mask from the Ceylon collections. Since I was in the middle of packing, I took along some of my Indian accessories that had just re-surfaced from the depths of my apartment- bangles, chunky earrings and bindis! I met with Massimo, Evelyn (photographer par excellence) and Adam (make-up virtuoso) at Studio Cherie one afternoon. After a conversation about RoadsWellTraveled, Slovakian kroje, veniec/wianek and makeup (with some live application), we got down to the best part of the afternoon. We decided to go with the sesath for it made for a gorgeous backdrop, and took the help of some vibrant Kantha scarves to infuse more colour to the setting. Scroll down to the end to see the result of this shoot.

The good people at the Hundert had written that “…the next issue will also show how colorful Berlin is in terms of nationalities that co-exist here in a unique and beautiful way.”

I have often waxed eloquent about Berlin, its vibrance and diversity. It is true that over the years, Berlin has become one of the most inclusive and colourful societies across the world. It is my favourite city in the world. This edition of the Hundert, alongwith its execution and the people who came together to create it, is a fitting tribute to the new, young and diverse Berlin.

I should probably buy a I ❤ Berlin t-shirt!

Love & Peace, Minu

[p.s. I will dedicate another post to that Berlin aesthetic another day.]

Visit the hundert magazine website to download a copy for free.

View the cool folks featured in this issue here and spot Minu.

RoadsWellTraveled in the Hundert Magazine

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