On the day of my birthday, I woke up early and drove out towards Ooty town to shoot. The benefits of waking up early to photography are manifold, and not limited to just the perfect light. Especially when India is a subject, early morning photography affords clearer and cleaner frames. Additionally, there's an energy at that hour, that comes from the hope of a new day. It is what I love to shoot. That morning reset pulls together an excitement and preparation for the many possibilities that a new day presents.


That day I shot diagonal rays of light fighting with canopies in their race to a dark asphalt. I saw horses in a vast neon green meadow, mulling over the burdens of a new day they'll have to carry. Women with smiles and baskets, walking from their village to another. The town's fruit and vegetable market readying for an assault of feet walking over squished tomatoes and oranges. And barbershops, readying schoolchildren and offices-bound men for another day of toiling for grades and some hard-earned rupees. 

Minu Chawla