Memories of Costa Rica - Cabby woes

For some reason, our taxi rides in Costa Rica were made of the stuff that those gory stories are made of, except ours were a tad more comic.
S and I were jinxed in Costa Rica, when it came to calling home a cab and taking it down to just about anywhere.
Our first taxi ride was all the way from Alajuela to San Jose Expensive affair, I know! And this adventure was never to be repeated for it did burn a hole into our pockets right in the first week of our stay in Costa Rica. But the burns were somewhat mild for it was S, F, A and I who ventured to take a cab into the capital city.
But well, as fate would have it... (and since we are the jinxed few), our taxi screeched and halted in the middle of the busiest street in Costa Rica at the peak hours. We almost availed of uniformed assistance to be escorted to the safer parts of the street. So, that was that.
On another day, at another place not too far from the foremost incident, S and I had just picked up our Parfaits and got into a cab. We were on our way to a super important meeting (something of a pitch to a VC) when a whimsical bike decided to swerve towards our cab, which itself in a fit of something, headed straight for the bike. When the two met, it was only to spell disaster. Well, yes and no. 
The young rider of the motorbike, even though had just experienced a roller coaster-ish somersault without all the equipment OR the harness, decided to let bygones be bygones (within 3 seconds, I must inform the reader). And so did our big hearted cabbie.
So after exchanging 6 minutes worth of pleasantries, the two guys who had just experienced something outstanding (I assume), bid their adieus, and S and I were again on our way down the long and extremely winding road.
In a third encouter with our misfortune ridden fate, S and I , in absolutely famished conditions, were headed for the closest KFC (or the likes). One of the many Costa Rican trucks crossing our path, conveniently decided to lose one of its huge wheels. We could see it approaching us. The cabbie could see it too. The cabbie even tried his best to outwit this tyre on the lose, but to vain...

Yeah well... those cabs!

Minu Chawla