Lost in Translation

Ever heard the joke of the session at EU headquarters in Brussels? This is the only joke I remember whenever it comes to showing off one's 'funny bank'.

So, during one of those EU sessions, a person talking in English happened to use the phrase 'Out of sight, out of mind'. 
To the German representative, who was availing the use of an interpretor to translate the English to German, it reached as 'Invisible idiot'!!!

(I just hope whoever is reading, at least smiles, if not rolls on the floor).

So, as much as I am lucky spending time in extremely interesting parts of the world, I also see the local language as a source of amusement.
Being in a school where communication is primarily is Spanish, my mailbox often receives emails in Spanish. I could sit down and decipher the code, but being slave to lethargy as I am, I find relief in Babel Fish translation hosted on Altavista.com.

Its amazing at how some names gain a lot of character (sometimes lose some) in the process of getting translated.
Two of my friends go by the names 'Dark brown' and 'Morning call pockets a ball'.
I'm going to miss this place!

p.s. I just got back from the best party! In the run upto graduation day, every house on campus hosts a party. So, Casa 29 today celebrated 29 days to graduation just like Casa 30 celebrated yesterday. Yesterday's theme was 'white'(I think), with rolls of toilet paper functioning as streamers.The theme also applied to the dress code. We wore white t-shirts and wrote parting messages on each other's shirts. S's house today hosted the 'Looney Tunes' party. Unfortunately, due to the work load, we were able to attend only three of the many parties that were hosted on campus. Yesterday was super fun! Today, however, I couldn't quite be there. But on our walk back home at 3 am, S and I decided to walk into the unlit, seemingly empty Casa 29 while its empty halls were filled with blaring music and a few silhouettes walking about, heads bobbing. We were met with warmest reception and the best music ever.

Minu Chawla