Express is not just Pizza delivery

Sleep deprivation seems to have become a habit now.
I recently joined a group on Facebook that calls itself 'People who don't sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason'. Now, I don't quite fall into this category for I usually have the world to save every single night.
But once in a while, this 'superhero' (oooh! I like calling myself that. Over-estimating myself is quite a virtue I possess) indulges in digressions and distractions.
So the night before the last one, soon after another intensive discussion with S, I decided to call it a day. But being slave to an erratic schedule, I couldn't quite bring myself to hit the sack. I found the sought distraction in my room mate L. L, is from Panama, is extremely eloquent in her mother tongue Spanish, but often finds herself at a loss of words while conversing with this wierd Intercambio. Hence, Minu and L are not quite the female room mates that all guys imagine female room mates to be. We don't chat endlessly through the night. We don't have daily slumber parties. We don't have pillow fights. And we don't belong to a cult or club that binds us roomies together. I must mention here though, that other girls on campus affiliate themselves to girl gangs. If I were not an 'Intercambio' in a Business school, I might have considered attaching my loyalties to a similar club. High School would be a completely different ball game!

So, in one of those rare occasions, L and I decided to exchange anecdotes about our countries of residence. I had many tales to narrate about India and Germany and Costa Rica, while L asserted her views on Panama and Costa Rica. We soon approached the issue of security in each of these countries. Being the Bangalore fan that I am, I couldn't utter a word against home. The same goes for Leipzig. I am insanely fond of Leipzig and Berlin though I wouldn't quite repeat the view for the rest of Germany. I don't quite have a unified view for Costa Rica yet.
L, soon narrated her experiences of Panama and how, in her view, the Colombians are causing a huge dent in Panama's reputation of being a safe and secure country. While she interated her point, she happened to drop a few words that brought about incessant laughter from my side. The words 'Express Kidnapping' amused me no end.
'Express Kidnapping' is an extremely common variant of the crime, when the crime-doer selects a visible booty, takes his target for a ride around town, making pitstops at all possible ATMs and attempts (often manages to) empty his target's bank balance.
'Express Kidnapping'
I guess only Indians and Panamanians can come up with lexicon such as that!

Minu Chawla