Someone is singing Megh Malhar ...

Someone is singing MeghMalhar here. Or I wrote a powerful enough poem to invoke the rain gods.

If you know Hindustani music, or have watched an old Hindi film or two, you would definitely know of Mian #Tansen. He was a part of #Akbar's atelier and the chief proponent of music in that era. It is said that he invented Raag Deepak, a Raag which when sung, could light up a lamp. Legend goes, when Akbar summoned Tansen to perform Deepak in his court and demonstrate the power of the Raag, Tansen invented Megh Malhar, a derivative of Raag Malhar. Anticipating that Raag Deepak would heat his body to the point of death, he taught it to his daughter who eventually doused the flames by her rendition of Raag Megh Malhar. Another legend says that Tansen had to travel far and wide after performing Deepak, to find someone who would sing a Raag that would cool his body down. He found that relief in the Megh Malhar of two sisters in Gujarat. And then of course, the Bollywood movie Baiju Bawra popularized the notion that there was a contest between the long-celebrated Tansen and the underdog Baiju Bawra, where Tansen lit up his seat while singing Deepak, his most potent Raag, and Baiju Bawra rescued his opponent by a powerful performance of Megh Malhar that brought the skies down on Fatehpur Sikri.

Someone must be singing Megh Malhar in Dubai.