Hampi transported me...

Hampi transported me back to this TV show I watched as a kid- Bharat Ek Khoj (based on Pt. Nehru's Discovery of India). I'm a sucker for stories out of our ancient history or mythology, but while watching this show I was drawn more to the unbridled green forests of Magadha, the swamps of Bengal, the opulence of Awadh and so much more.
A train ride from Delhi to Bhubaneshwar once took me through the forests of Bihar, as the train sliced through rain. That is what Magadha was! I wanted to stop the train and run through the rain-drenched foliage. This is where Angulimaal roamed and preyed! But alas, unjustified use of 'To stop train, pull chain' came with a fine and a sentence, something I was weary of even then. So I had yearned since then, to experience an India, an environment that they depicted in the show. Until I visited Hampi. Hampi is a large museum by itself and it is so heartening to see that the government (through the Archeological Survey of India) has tried to restore the ancient capital to its former state by removing all trappings of modern day life.

Minu Chawla