Every visit to India...

Every visit to India, while I'm disheartened by a lack of care for our country as a space, I equally love to see how we have developed such a strong identity. We are a beautiful blend of the ambition to carve out our own path, and traditions, that manifests in everything from our startups, street art, architecture, film to fashion. We've finally started thinking for ourselves and our needs and have abandoned the idea that emulating other countries equates to development.

I envy my friends in India, creating this new India that's young, smart, intelligent, exciting and oftentimes so much better than what I see elsewhere. That energy, is infectious! This nostalgic, has her heart in today's India.
I had the most amazing conversation with a friend yesterday, sitting in Koshy's talking about India's very rich heritage and the many things we can do to perpetuate our culture. I can live off that stuff! And what better environment could it be- a pre-independence space where meaningful thought hobnobs with revolutionary ideas.

Minu Chawla