N° 21 (AED 1600)

N° 21 (AED 1600)


The first things that strike about Mayan weaving are the vibrancy of hues and the intricacy of the weave. The craft of weaving in Mayan Guatemala has sustained many changes through its existence over 3 millennia- from natural calamities and the Spanish conquests to present day lure of machine looms. These tapestries have been woven the same way they were woven over thousands of years ago on back strap looms and depict the Mayas’ history, mythology and the world-view of the creator.

This densely decorated huipil, the traditional blouse worn by Mayan women was made of three panels each woven separately on the back strap loom in Chichicastenango, in Guatemala’s K’iche region. A fine example of the quintessential Chichicastenango weaves, this vintage huipil is complete with decorative motifs in supplementary brocade with the sunburst collar, double-headed eagle (both unique to Chichicastenango), plumed serpents and the universal diamond design. When extended, the huipil forms the Mayan Cross with the Sun in the center.

The Huipil comes with a display staff made out of pure oak wood.


Product Information

All pieces are unique, since they are handcrafted. Minor variations and aberrations lend to each piece's uniqueness.

Handcrafted in: Guatemala

Materials used: Cotton base, Synthetic and Natural dyes

Care: Professional cleaning only

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