N° 2 (AED 600)

N° 2 (AED 600)


This traditional raised plate comes from the studio of Nicaraguan artist Roger Calero. Fashioned in a Pre-Columbian design, this product is resplendent in traditional hues- red, orange, black and ochre. There is a hint of the “inciso” technique, a traditional technique used by the craftsmen of Nicaragua, dating back more than two millennia. In this technique, designs and motifs are etched on the pot before firing.

San Juan de Oriente has been the centre for Nicaraguan ceramic making, before the arrival of the Spanish. Nestled between the Masaya and Mombacho volcanoes, San Juan has maintained its superior ceramic tradition, which dates back to around 1000 BC.  Its erstwhile name San Juan de Platos was coined by the Spanish, named after the plates and pots that came out of this village. Following Nicaragua’s independence in 1821 and over the last few decades, there have been substantial efforts to revive the tradition of ceramics in San Juan de Oriente. Most of the village’s inhabitants are indigenous descendants of the Nahua tribes that migrated from Southern United States and Mexico around 5000 years ago. The famous Gran Nicoya region that covers most of Nicaragua’s pacific region and Costa Rica’s North-Western region of Guanacaste and Nicaragua has been home to many Nahua descendants including the Chorotega of Costa Rica. RWT’s travels to San Juan de Oriente revealed a people extremely proud of their heritage, traditions and craft.

Product Information

All pieces are unique, since they are handcrafted. Minor variations and aberrations lend to each piece's uniqueness.

Handcrafted in: Nicaragua

Materials used: Clay and lead-free glaze

Color: Red, Orange, Black and Ochre

Wipe-clean with a damp cloth. We cannot guarantee the ability to
hold water.

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