N° 19 (AED 1600)

N° 19 (AED 1600)


Reminiscent of a world full of gods and goddesses, kings and queens, demons, devils, goblins and other mystical figures, Sri Lanka’s masks have long been parts of ritualistic dances as well as everyday life. From colourful masks used by the peasants to ward off evil and diseases to finely carved ones adorning the quarters of royalty, Sri Lanka boasts of the entire spectrum in mask making.

These masks are made from the superior balsa wood, as opposed to the more common kaduru wood. The bark is first removed from the trunk of the felled tree. The stem is cut into pieces according to the size of the intended masks. The pieces are given a crude shape before being exposed to smoke for about a week. With chisels, tools and skilled hands, the masks are carved to perfection. The end result is the near likeness of human faces, with a whimsical and mythical character in the form of crowns.

Product Information

All pieces are unique, since they are handcrafted. Minor variations and aberrations lend to each piece's uniqueness.

Handcrafted in: Sri Lanka

Materials used: Balsa wood

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