N° 16 (AED 800)

N° 16 (AED 800)


Sri Lanka’s wood carving is known the world over. Be it the majestic perahera elephants carved out of black ebony or carved panels found on furniture, it is a skill that the Lankans have mastered over hundreds of years.

An abundance of timber in Sri Lanka led to abundant use of wood in traditional architecture. The temples around Kandy, particularly in Embekke, are a fine example. After selecting the wood, the carver chisels out a rough structure in a process called baragahanawa. Finer carving follows as the artisan smoothens and polishes his carved figure. This stem is known as mattangahanawa.

For over 70% Sri Lankans, the Buddha is sacred. Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by Mahendra and Sanghamitra, son and daughter of Emperor Ashok (also refer to our Kalinga collection from Odisha, part of Ashoka’s kingdom) with a sapling of the Bodhi tree. Images of the Buddha are ubiquitous in Sri Lanka, which has the longest continuous history of Buddhism of any Buddhist nation.

Product Information

All pieces are unique, since they are handcrafted. Minor variations and aberrations lend to each piece's uniqueness.

Handcrafted in: Sri Lanka

Materials used: Teak

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