N° 13 (AED 200)

N° 13 (AED 200)


Under the patronage of kings and priests alike, the art of the lipikaars (scribes) flourished while art and divinity became indivisible. An art that has been in practice for over 2000 years, Talapattachitra started as illustrative manuscripts depicting stories and folklore.

Within folds of yellow-green palm leaves are hidden stories and tales of a land thousands of years ago, where Gods lived and played with lesser mortals. Ever a favourite with the people of Odisha, as with all lipikaars, Lord Krishna appears in most talapattachitras. When it’s not Krishna, it is the concept of incarnation, through the dashavataar- the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

This talapattachitra shows Krishna with Radha in the central illustration; while dashavataar, Vishnu’s ten incarnations occupy the rest of the talapattachitra. Learn more about the dashavataar here.

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