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RoadsWellTraveled is Minu's voice on travel, that she articulates through imagery and words. It is the culmination of everything that drives, motivates and excites her - travel, history, cultures, the arts, and experiences from the road that turn into stories for life. A strong belief that travel is a cure-all, she has been incessantly traveling the world- growing up in India, going to school in Germany and Costa Rica, and consequently living her life between Chandigarh, the foothills of the Himalayas, Delhi, Bangalore, Leipzig, Alajuela, Munich, Hyderabad, San Francisco, Berlin, and Dubai.

Minu also loves to write and draw maps, though she isn't good at either. She hides her thoughts and emotions in a bunch of moleskines, some of which she lets out under #moleskinesecrets on Instagram and here. You can find her maps here.


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